Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume

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Indulge in the allure of Victoria Secret’s Rapture Perfume as we bring you a comprehensive roundup of this tantalizing fragrance. Experience the captivating scent and find out what sets this perfume apart from the rest in our in-depth product review.

The Top 8 Best Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume

  1. Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau De Parfum Cologne Spray (1.7 oz) — New in Box — Experience the powerful allure of Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau De Parfum Cologne Spray, a captivating blend of Bulgarian rose, amber, musk, and heliotrope.
  2. Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray — Amber Spicy Fragrance for Women — Experience the luxurious and evocative scent of Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau de Parfum Spray, perfect for bringing a touch of warmth to any occasion.
  3. Victoria’s Secret Rapture Perfume: Flowery Romance in a Bottle — Indulge in the enchanting scent of Victoria’s Secret Rapture, a rare and discontinued fragrance that captivates with its blend of floral, wood, and amber notes, for a romantic and sensual experience.
  4. Rapture Fragrance Mist by Victoria’s Secret — The ultimate scent for every occasion — Experience the magnetic allure of Victoria’s Secret Rapture Fragrance Mist, featuring the inviting fusion of Bulgarian rose and sensual notes like amber and musk.
  5. Charming Victoria’s Secret Rapture Oriental Spicy Cologne — Experience a luxurious and enchanting journey with Victoria’s Secret Rapture, an oriental spicy fragrance inspired by the exquisite blend of exotic flavors and captivating heart shape bottle.
  6. Experience the Luxurious Victoria’s Secret Rapture Fragrance Lotion — Experience the allure of Victoria’s Secret Rapture Fragrance Lotion, a timeless blend of sensuality and sophistication, ideal for both daytime wear and special occasions.
  7. Victoria’s Secret Rapture 3-Piece Perfume Bundle: Floral Fragrance with Bulgarian Rose, Amber, and Musk Notes — Enhance your everyday allure with the Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau de Parfum 3 Piece Bundle, featuring a floral fragrance with notes of Bulgarian Rose, Amber, and Musk, perfect for any occasion!
  8. Victoria’s Secret Rapture Sensual Fragrance Mist — Indulge in the seductive scent of Victoria’s Secret Rapture Sensual Fragrance Body Mist, created with a captivating blend of Bulgarian rose, amber, and musk, perfect for adding an alluring touch to any moment.


Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau De Parfum Cologne Spray (1.7 oz) — New in Box


When I first encountered Victoria’s Secret Rapture, it was like a breath of fresh air — a floral, musky scent that just pulled me in. Over the years, I’ve used this cologne for various occasions, from date nights to job interviews. Each time, I’m met with compliments on how well it suits me. The notes of Bulgarian rose, amber, and musk are absolutely captivating, creating a unique aroma that leaves you mesmerized.

As much as I loved the original version, there was one small issue — the longevity and sillage were not what I expected. The new box I received seemed to have improved the quality a bit, but not to the extent that I hope for. Although the fragrance is lovely, it wore off quite quickly on my skin.

Despite this drawback, the overall experience with Rapture has been positive. The scent itself is a luxurious blend that has become my signature fragrance. If this cologne stays true to its original roots, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something truly unique and memorable.

Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray — Amber Spicy Fragrance for Women


Victoria’s Secret Rapture is a familiar and comforting scent that has been loved for decades by women all around the world. As soon as I sprayed it on, memories of warm autumn days and cozy evenings filled my nostrils. This fragrance exudes a sense of luxury and has a timeless quality that never fades. The rich blend of top notes like orange blossom and citrus create a fresh aroma that instantly uplifts my spirit. The base notes of vanilla and musk linger on your skin, leaving behind a warm, soothing scent that you can’t help but fall in love with.

One thing that struck me is the powerful longevity of this scent. Even after hours of wear, I could still detect faint traces of it in the air. This is definitely a fragrance for those who want their scent to be noticed! However, some might find the intensity overpowering.

The EDP formula has a distinct velvety texture that feels luxurious when applied. The glass bottle design is also a great touch, with its elegant and simple design. This product may not be for everyone, but for those who appreciate a classic, timeless scent, Rapture offers a touch of sophistication and charm.

Overall, Victoria’s Secret Rapture is a scent that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate the hearts of women around the world with its spicy, warm embrace. While it may not appeal to everyone, those who appreciate its unique qualities will find themselves reaching for it time and again.

Victoria’s Secret Rapture Perfume: Flowery Romance in a Bottle


Remembering the moment I first sprayed Victoria’s Secret Rapture, I was instantly drawn into a world of intrigue and allure. The fragrance, reminiscent of a frosted heart, effortlessly combined the exotic charm of Bulgarian rose and the warmth of amber, musk, and heliotrope. The scent was so enchanting that it drew me in closer, allowing me to fully appreciate its seductive and mysterious nature.

The Rapture by Victoria’s Secret, created in 1992, was a romantic and captivating fragrance. With a combination of floral and woody accents, it became my daily companion — a reminder of the sensual and alluring world of Rapture. The unique blend of this discontinued scent made it a treasure to behold, and even with its rarity, I knew that the memories of its lingering aroma would stay with me for eternity.

Rapture Fragrance Mist by Victoria’s Secret — The ultimate scent for every occasion


This Rapture Fragrance Mist is a throwback to the sensual perfume by Victoria’s Secret. Reminiscent of a Bulgarian rose and accompanied by a blend of amber and musk, it creates a timeless, long-lasting scent.

The spray dispenser, designed specifically for even application, ensures a gentle touch on your skin. My personal experience was rejuvenating, conjuring fond memories from the past and a renewed appreciation for this signature fragrance. Although I don’t use it daily, it is a welcome splash on days that need a bit of glamour.

Charming Victoria’s Secret Rapture Oriental Spicy Cologne


Ever since the day it was released, Rapture by Victoria’s Secret has been a game-changer. This cologne quickly became a favorite signature scent for many, with its oriental spicy fragrance. The heart-shape bottle only added to its allure. With a blend of citrus, orange blossom, rose, jasmine, and musk, this cologne leaves a lasting impression and is suitable for any occasion.

One of the best aspects of the Rapture cologne is its ability to captivate the senses. The first whiff of this fragrance is an invigorating combination of citrus accents and floral notes. But as you let it linger, you’ll appreciate the warm musk and amber base notes. Its unique blend of scents creates a multi-dimensional experience that is sure to turn heads.

Apart from its enchanting fragrance, the Rapture cologne also comes in a charming heart-shaped glass container. The aesthetics of the bottle add a touch of elegance and make it an excellent choice for gift-giving. And, it’s not just the bottle that has people hooked; the cologne itself has garnered a dedicated following, leading many to seek it out even after it was discontinued.

However, not all users are satisfied with the longevity of the fragrance or the accuracy of the product. Some have reported that the scent doesn’t last as long as they’d hoped, while others felt the product they received was not the same as the original. But despite these minor issues, the overall appeal and charm of the Rapture cologne by Victoria’s Secret remain undeniable.

In conclusion, Rapture by Victoria’s Secret is an enchanting cologne that leaves a lasting impression. Its intoxicating scent, combined with the elegant heart-shaped bottle, makes it a crowd favorite. Though some users have experienced slight hiccups, the love for this cologne remains strong, making it worthy of a place in every cologne lover’s collection.

Experience the Luxurious Victoria’s Secret Rapture Fragrance Lotion


Remember the sweet, enticing scent of Victoria’s Secret Rapture, a perfume that was beloved by many women in the ‘90s? Well, guess what? It’s back! This time, as a delightful lotion that not only smells amazing, but also hydrates and nourishes your skin. The intoxicating blend of Freesia, Jasmine and Orange Blossom, combined with Sandalwood and Amber, makes it perfect for daytime wear or special occasions.

I loved the way it felt on my skin, and despite my mixed feelings about perfumes with a strong scent, this one was quite pleasant. The aroma lingered on my skin for a good part of the day. However, I did find the consistency a bit runny, which made it feel slightly less premium than other lotions I’ve tried.

Despite that, the Rapture lotion has been a delightful addition to my morning routine. The scent is just. . rapturous! It’s perfect for those days when you want to feel a little extra special without overwhelming yourself or everyone around you. Plus, it’s great to know that Victoria’s Secret still believes in this timeless fragrance, just as many women still do.

Victoria’s Secret Rapture 3-Piece Perfume Bundle: Floral Fragrance with Bulgarian Rose, Amber, and Musk Notes


Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau de Parfum Bundle — an irresistible collection of Rapture Perfume, Splash, and Lotion that left me utterly captivated. The Rapture Eau de Parfum in this set is a delightful floral fragrance, reminiscent of Bulgarian Rose, Amber, and Musk notes.

The 1.7 fl oz Cologne, 8.4 fl oz Fragrance Mist, and 6.7 fl oz Fragrance Lotion make this set a perfect addition to any daily ritual. While this set has been a joy to use, I did notice some minor packaging issues, but the customer service team promptly rectified the situation.

Overall, a wonderful collection of fragrance products that embody the essence of Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret Rapture Sensual Fragrance Mist


I recently had the chance to try Victoria’s Secret Rapture Sensual Fragrance Body Mist, and it quickly became a favorite in my collection. This heavenly scent, with notes of Bulgarian rose, amber, and musk, captures a heady sense of rapture that I just can’t get enough of.

One of my favorite aspects of this body mist is the light, refreshing feel on my skin. It’s perfect for those who prefer a subtler scent that doesn’t overpower them. Plus, I’ve noticed that people often compliment me on the warm, inviting aroma it leaves behind.

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few hiccups along the way. Upon opening the bottle, I found that it lacked a spray nozzle, leaving me to apply it by tilting the bottle instead. And while the lid fit just fine, it felt a bit flimsy, which made me worry about its durability.

Despite these minor issues, I couldn’t resist the intoxicating allure of Victoria’s Secret Rapture. It’s become an essential part of my daily routine, and I can’t imagine going without it. If you’re looking for something that’ll make you feel more sensual and captivate those around you, you can’t go wrong with this enchanting fragrance.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide section for Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume. This guide aims to provide you with essential information and tips to help you make an informed decision while shopping for this popular fragrance. Our focus will be on general aspects of the product category without mentioning specific product picks or external resources.


Important Features

When considering a perfume, there are several features that you should keep in mind. Some of the most important ones include: fragrance type, scent profile, concentration, packaging, and brand reputation. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality and appeal of the perfume.

Fragrance Types

Perfumes are available in various categories, such as Eau de Parfum (EDP), Eau de Toilette (EDT), and Parfum. EDPs typically have the highest concentration of fragrance oils, while EDTs contain a lower concentration. Parfum is the most concentrated option, offering a strong and long-lasting fragrance. It is essential to understand these differences to choose the right perfume type that suits your preferences and budget.


Scent Profile and Concentration

The scent profile of a perfume refers to the unique blend of ingredients that give it its distinct aroma. It can range from fresh, citrusy notes to warm, sensual scents, depending on the specific formulation. Additionally, the concentration of fragrance oils in the perfume affects its longevity and intensity. A higher concentration tends to last longer, creating a more potent and memorable scent experience.

Packaging and Brand Reputation

Packaging can also influence your purchase decision, as it often reflects the luxury and quality of the product. A well-designed, visually appealing packaging can make a fragrance feel more exclusive and desirable. Furthermore, the reputation of the brand plays a significant role in your perception of the perfume’s value. Brands with a long-standing history of producing high-quality fragrances are likely to offer a reliable and satisfying fragrance experience.



What is the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

The Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume is a feminine fragrance that was inspired by the brand’s famous lingerie collection. Released in 2008, the perfume has become a must-have for many women seeking a seductive and tempting scent. It features a blend of exotic and alluring notes that create an irresistible aroma.

The scent of Rapture is characterized by a combination of juicy fruits, such as raspberries, and sensual florals, including jasmine and sandalwood. This unique blend makes it a versatile fragrance that can be worn for various occasions, from casual everyday use to formal events and date nights. The Rapture perfume comes in a variety of sizes and packaging options, making it an affordable choice for anyone looking to add a touch of glamour and seduction to their daily routine.


Who is the creator of the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

The Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume was created by a talented team of international perfumers, who worked together to craft the perfect scent for the brand. The perfumers, under the direction of master perfumer Carlos Benaim, combined their knowledge of various fragrance ingredients and techniques to create a truly unforgettable scent. Carlos Benaim has been in the perfume industry for over three decades and is known for his ability to create scents that perfectly capture the essence of various brands and their target audience.

Benaim and his team carefully selected the individual notes that would make up the Rapture perfume, ensuring that each one contributed to the delicate balance of the overall fragrance. They experimented with various blends and combinations until they found the perfect mix, which would become the signature scent of the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume.

What is the longevity of the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

The longevity of the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume depends on various factors, such as the individual’s skin chemistry, the concentration of the fragrance, and the environment in which it is worn. On average, the scent of Rapture can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours after application. However, this can vary depending on the specific scent notes and their projection on the skin.

To ensure the best longevity of your Rapture perfume, it is recommended to apply the fragrance on your pulse points, such as the wrists or neck. These areas have a higher temperature, which helps to release the scent slowly and steadily throughout the day. Additionally, it is essential to store the perfume properly, away from direct sunlight and excess heat, which can cause the scent to deteriorate faster.


Is the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume is suitable for most skin types. It has been carefully crafted to be a unisex fragrance, which means that it can be worn by both men and women. The scent of Rapture is designed to be versatile and appealing to a wide range of people, regardless of their age or gender.

However, some individuals may experience skin sensitivity to certain fragrance ingredients. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any specific note, it is always a good idea to perform a patch test before applying the perfume to your skin. This will help you determine if there is any potential for irritation or sensitivity reaction.

What are some additional products that complement the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

The Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume is already a complete fragrance experience on its own, but if you are looking to enhance your scent, there are several additional products that can be used in conjunction with the perfume. These include body lotions, shower gels, and body mists, all in the Rapture scent.

By using these complementary products, you can ensure a longer-lasting and more intense scent throughout the day. Applying the lotion or shower gel after your shower can help lock in the fragrance, while a body mist can be spritzed throughout the day to refresh and recharge your scent. Additionally, you can also layer the perfume with other Victoria Secret fragrances or accessories, such as the Rapture body spray or the Rapture candle, to create a more immersive and enchanting experience.

Are there any limited editions or special variants of the Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

Yes, Victoria Secret has released several limited edition and special variants of the Rapture Perfume over the years. These versions often feature unique fragrance notes and eye-catching packaging that make them stand out from the regular version. Some of the limited edition variants of Rapture include the Rapture VIP Collection, which features a luxurious gold-toned bottle and a metallic gold scent, and the Rapture Night collection, which has a mesmerizing black bottle and a captivating blackberry scent.

These limited edition variants are often released in celebration of special events or holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. If you are a fan of the Rapture perfume and want to explore different versions, it is worth checking out the brand’s website or local stores for any special releases or promotions.